picture on top from the SS 2003 campaign


FOUDRE : Hey, tell us about yourself !

OLD PRADA : Hi !  I am a New York City based shoe designer with a huge appreciation of Miuccia Prada and the "Prada" aesthetic.


F : When did you started this page and why ?

O.P. : @oldprada was started after spending a morning looking through a couple Prada books and reliving the genius of each season. This was in late February right before quarantine in New York. @oldprada is an ode to Miuccia's creations and her magnificent story telling.


F: There are a lot of Prada lovers and addicts all around the globe expressing and showcasing the house through the evolution of the season and the models via Tumblr or Instagram. Do you consider yourself just like a simple fan page or more something like an virtual archive for the historic evolution and success of the label ? 

O.P. : Prada has always had a strong identity and I admire the full picture created through each detail. @oldprada is an archive and example of how iconic Prada is as a fashion house. 

F: We all agree on the idea that Miuccia Prada did and is still doing a great job since she took the creative direction with her first womenswear collection in 1989. How can you describe the house and its code through the fashion era and specially with the one we are going through at the moment ?

O.P. : Prada has always felt perverse and ahead of its time. The Prada code seems to push limits and taste levels but always remain sophisticated. Prada reminds you that fashion is still an artform and not just a business. 


F: Can we say that Prada is for the mother and Miu Miu is for her daughter ? How the co existence between these two houses is seen by you ?

O.P. : Prada and Miu Miu to me seem like sisters. Prada is a bit more austere while Miu Miu just wants to have fun. I think these two brands represent two major parts of personality (extroverted and introverted).

F : About the menswear at Prada, how would you describe it to a new client trying to understand its code ?

O.P. : Prada menswear is both traditional and progressive. Prada's suiting and casual wear is essential! The fit of everything is special and the color palette is always beautiful. The Prada cashmere sweater and basic t-shirts should be in every man's closet.


MEN SS 1999

F : Where do you find your images and videos ? Is it easier with all the searching tools we have right now ?

O.P. : A lot of my images and videos come from a personal archive I have created over the years, others from deep diving into the internet. There is a lot of information out there! @oldprada is curating and archiving info so it's easy to go through and understand.

F : Prada is known for its models of color specially for launching them and making them superstars such as Anok Yai, Lineisy Montero, Ellen Rosa, Alpha Dia, Kaissan Ibrahima, or Sol Goss. Do you think Prada is a reference in terms of casting and scouting ? What could have been modeling according to you ?

O.P. : First off, I think the fashion industry as a whole needs to become much more inclusive. Secondly, I think Prada has had interesting casting and dynamic models throughout the years. Naomi Campbell, Beverly Peele, and Yasmeen Ghauri were gorgeous in early 90's Prada but we need more of these moments! 


F : Recently, Raf Simons has been appointed to work closely with Mrs. Prada as a co-director. How do you imagine the spirit of the house knowing M. Simons presence there ?

O.P. : I have always enjoyed Miuccia Prada's aesthetic and her way of dressing a woman. Raf Simons seems to also have an artistic eye and I'm hopeful about this collaboration.

F : Your best Prada show ever ? 

O.P. : Well, that would be impossible to say but maybe FW 1998 or SS 2011.


F : Give a movie or a moment in a movie or serie ( or both ) where the brand is present in a perfect way.

O.P. : I remember watching "Sex and the City" and seeing both Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) wearing pieces from the SS 2000 collection and thinking how great the clothing was. This moment sticks out in my mind because it's like a mix of New York cool with Milanese style. 


F : Your best red carpet Prada moment ?

O.P. : I remember Lupita Nyong'o in her light blue dress and how stunning she was at the 2014 Oscars.

F : Your Prada girl ?

O.P. : Anouk Yai. Her beauty is timeless.

F : Your Prada boy ?

O.P. : Harry Kinkead. He has a geeky beauty that rends the Prada aesthetic.

F : Your favorite music heard on a Prada show ?

O.P. :  It was a recent one. I think it was on the SS 2018 show, they played a cover of "Nothing Compares To You" by Jimmy Scott. It gave me chips and made the clothes really have impact. It was of course mixes with many other great songs.