Translating to ‘diary minimal’ or ‘small diary’, the name plays on the idea of a visual collection of moments, a diary in motion and pictures. 

Captured spontaneously in an attempt to represent Cichetti’s life in London as faithfully as possible, ‘Diario Minimo’ is a fabulously raw perspective of their diverse, queer, multicultural and multilingual scene. Underground & overground, party & afterparty- this concoction of unplanned candid randomness, rejects traditional conventions of storytelling and brings together moments of shared joy, in which chaos, eccentricity or daily normality underlie. 

With mostly international subjects, attracted to London by a combination of opportunities and contrast to their previous milieu, the result is a succession of shots in which both Cichetti and Özdemir, believe represents the subjects' way of life. As migrants, the choice to make the move to London allows the discovery of a new environment, which for some, is more accepting than home. A space for free expression and self-discovery. 

Treat this short documentary memorabilia as a diary entry; a minimo of the full version. 

The video has been selected to be part of the Contemporary Venice 2020 - ITSLIQUID International Arts Fair.