The show started with a divine creature out from Mr Maitrepierre sketches as a symbol of a soon victory.


We needed to see a touch of softness in all these covid collections and it seems like our praires has been heard. Not that the house does not have a character which could be associated with being strong with some values to fight for, but more that we feel like there is a sensibility we did not find elsewhere. Fierceness is good but being full of charm is also a good option.


Flowers seem to be a necessity in Alphonse Maitrepierre's life. For us too. After this show, we wanted to book a seat for the countryside wearing each look of the new cabine. 


We already loved the accessoires ( look our first naked editorial posted here ) and the Spring Summer 21 earrings will be a definitive goal. We can not wait to have another goddess moment for the next holidays.